Tuesday, September 06, 2011

An exclusive sneak peek into LKF Festival of Wine..La Perouse

(nom nom nom nom nom. Click HERE for the introduction, and HERE for the previous dishes I had at Goccia)

Our next destination was La Perouse, a cozy French restaurant on the 2/F of a building next to Goccia, and we were there to have our second - or fifth?! - course of the night, paired with wine, of course.

The name of the restaurant, La Perouse, may give the impression that it's a French place. Simon, the owner of the restaurant, told us the story behind: La Perouse is the name of the first English captain landing Australia, paralleling the French cuisine with an Australian twist it's serving.

Fourth course: Grilled Baby Lamb Chops served with pan fried potato slices and baby carrots in rich rosemary gravy and vinegar sauce
The chop had a nice 'charcoal' smell and the meat was roasted just for the right time, and had a beautiful pink color, an awfully lot of juices as well. 

The slightly sour vinegar and red wine dressing gave the meat another dimensional, and I especially love the slices of potatoes - they were one of the most mushy and flavorful potatoes I have had lately!

Pairing wine: Chateau David A.O.C. Medoc - Cru Bourgeois
The wine was a stronger one to pair with the heaviness of the red meat. It was rougher on the surface and less fruity. Had the previous wines been young beach boys, this would be a much bolder man. 

After our second course and thanking Simon and his crew for the delicious pairing, we got moving to Robata Zawazawa for our dessert,at last...

La Perouse Restaurant, Bar & Lounge
5/F Carfield Commercial Building, 77 Wydnham Street, Cental

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