Tuesday, September 06, 2011

An exclusive sneak peek into LKF Festival of Wine..Introduction

A shameless confession: I know little about wine. I mean, in the past i couldnt drink due to allergic concerns, and it has only been months since I overcame it and start drinking. But drinking is like eating, you have to drink extensively before knowing what's good and what's goof, and with my limited drinking experience came only the most trivial knowledge on wine, let alone the pairing of food with compatible wine!

As a result I was thrilled when i received the invitation to an Exclusive sneak peek into the upcoming LFK Festival of Wine, an evening that - interestingly - involved a meal and wines at three different restaurants in SOHO! It had been a great night indeed, having met up with other bloggers as well as representatives from the participating restaurants, and great food and wine, of course!

FYI: Lan Kwai Fong Festival of Wine is where you can enjoy perfectly paired food and wine at 10 different participating restaurants around Lan Kwai Fong. For learnt wine lovers and experts, this of course is an event you shouldt miss! As for those relatively 'new' to wine (like me), fear not, for there will be professional wine producers stationed at the restaurants, kindly providing guidance and quick lectures on how to appreciate the wine, with food. 
For more information please refer to: http://www.festivalofwine.hk/

A ticket to the Festival costs $350(booked in advance)/$400, but ilovelkf.hk has very generously given me one ticket for free giveaway on my blog. So yeah...read to the bottom to know how you can win the ticket! :)

As mentioned we were to enjoy our dinner across three restaurants: First courses in Goccia, second course in La Perouse, and dessert in Robata Zawazawa, all paired with different wines. These three are all participating restaurants in the Festival so I bet what I tried would also be available to ticket-holders as well.

WARNING: the following blog entry would be more about food than the wine, and whenever I have a word about the wine it would be written based only on my own senses and personal likes/dislikes. :P

I am also recording the night in 4 different blog entries - treat this as a shameless imitation/reflection of how the Sneak Peek night and the Festival are like, moving around from restaurants to another :)

Ready for the first course at Goccia? Keeping reading....

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