Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yuen Long Eats (1) - 勝利牛丸

One of the advantage of being from a Chewchowese family is that we have a stable supply of lo-sui goose (not duck, mind you), fishballs and beefballs freshly prepared in Chew Chow, later smuggled to Hong Kong. We do have some outstanding lo-suis and Chewchowese restaurants in town but none can compare to the 100% authentic stuff from mainland. There's no way back once you have tasted the best of one kind, no matter how outstanding the second bests are - that's how I feel when I visited Hung's Delicacies for the lo-sui. It was good but certainly not the best I could get.

We were at Yuen Long one weekend decided to eat around before leaving for another place. And our first stop? Victory Beef Ball.

The place wasnt too crowded as we went before lunch hour, at around twelve. But more people kept coming and the noise index shot up.

We had to save up some space and so only ordered two bowls of noodles.

Beef ball w/ noodles - the beef balls were really spongy and nicely flavoured, not too oilish however. There were spores in the meat, and it basically bounced back as you bit into it. It was good but they could not be compared with those I tried in Chewchow back then, which might contain more fat and oil but was much, much more spongy and meaty. This was okay as in HK's standard.
The noodles were 油麵 instead of fine noodles. They were pretty chewy but were not very oilish on their own. I like how the noodles were thicker and could pick up more flavours from the soup.

半筋半腩麵- the soup was more intensely flavoured than the broth used in beefball noodles. Whilst the beef flank were just mediore in both texture and flavour - they were not tender enough, and i did not like the detectable taste of '5 spices'(五香) in the meat, which was too strong - the loin with a soapy texture and a more 'distilled' flavour was much better. They were not exactly chewy but sorta stuck onto your teeth as you bit into each segment of them, and they were good, not as salty and heavily spiced as the beef flank. I should have ordered noodles with just the loin instead of having them 50/50.

In short - slightly disappointing it was, especially the beef balls. But to be honest they were already much better than the bland and textureless 'balls' a lot of noodles shops serve. However I might not consider visiting it again as there were better restaurants or noodles out there around Yuen Long.

元朗康景街1 號裕景坊20號祥發大廈地下
G/F, 1 Hong King Street, Yuen Long

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