Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hoi On Coffee Shop along Connaught Road West is nothing like the ubiquitious Chaa Chen Tengs in town. Not only is it less crowded in the morning but also is the menu much shorter. Expect to find only local milk tea, coffee, toasts and noodles in soup. The reddish interior walks the retro style, and

With the red retro wooden seats and turning fans hanging from the ceiling, a step into Hoi On Coffee Shop along Connaught Road West instantly brings you back to the 40's. The 60-ish year old Bing Suut is nothing like the busy Chaa Chen Tengs and serve only simple local food.

Bing Suuts are a dying breed in Hong Kong. A close relative to the ubitquious Chaa Chen Tengs

Hoi On Cafe is nothing like the busy Chaa Chen Tengs in town. With a retro decor, a simple menu and a quiet atmosphere, a step into the Bing Suut instantly brings you back to the 40's. Little has changed over the years

Bing Suuts, or 'ice cafes', literally freeze time in space - Hoi On Cafe, a member of the extincting breed,

Less than 20 Bing Suuts still operate in Hong Kong and Hoi On Cafe is one among the extincting breed. Located behind the Western Market in Sheung Wan, even a breathe of its air tastes nostalgic. Little has changed since it opened 6 decades ago and it still serves only light simple local food and drinks. You might be disappointed as the menu is much shorter than most Chaa Chen Tengs

Visit a Bing Suut and experience the 'old' Hong Kong if you grow tired of its modern yet busy side of life. Literally translated as 'Ice Cafes', these Bing Suuts are capable of freezing time with their nostalgic decor. By tradition Bing Suuts have simplistic menus and close before dark. While it is impossible to dine properly there, they are perfect for breakfasts or afternoon teas if you savor traditional Hong Kong food and drinks. Hoi On Cafe in Sheung Wan is one among the 20 remaining Bing Suuts and little has changed - the humble wooden chairs and tables, with the slow-turning overhead fans, continue to serve customers over the 6 decades since it opened. It definitely worth a visit as its little kitchen serves wholesomely delicious Hong Kong-style food and drinks. Switch from your usual latte and experience the exclusive 'milk coffee', a hybrid of the local milk tea and coffee, which is thicker in texture and tastes sweet. If you are prefer something unconventional, give the 'Cream Soda with milk' a try and you would be surprised by how compatible soft drinks and milk actually is! Do not miss the Pineapple buns, Gaai-mei buns (sweet buns with shaved coconut fillings) and sausage rolls freshly baked 3am daily if you drop by in the morning, or the 1.5 inch-thick toasts with whatever you like - condensed milk with peanut butter being my favorite combination. Its egg custard tarts, shaved coconut tarts, swiss rolls and Palmiers and are strongly recommended if you come for an afternoon tea break, craving for something sweet. Be sure to drop by for a light meal (costing a painless $25 on average) if you want something retro.

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