Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fruit-based slushy ice - delicious. :) - Sweety Garden

For desserts I used not to like the fruit-based ones for many tasted artifical. Well-not until I was introduced to Sweety Garden where they use a whole fruit for their famous fruit-ice!It was K, one of my foodie friend, who highly recommended us to stop there for dessert after a scrumptious (and adventurous) dinner in TST one night. After taking several turns along the narrow paths in TST we finally arrived at Sweety Garden, which is facing the backdoor of another hotel - not a very accessible location i'd say.

Since we were too full for many desserts we ordered just one watermelon slushy ice and an apple crumble, one of my favourite desserts.

I was completely stunned by the watermelon fruity-ice(原隻西瓜凍冰冰) - using one whole mini watermelon, the fruit was halved, and the flesh was scooped out, beaten into slushy ice and put back onto fruit (now used as a base), shaped like a little pointy mountain. The thing started melting once it hit the table so we gota hurry before the slushy ice melted back to pure juice. We were in a hurry for sure but the experience was a pleasant one - the slushy ice were very, very sweet but they tasted natural - not that sorta artifically sweetened thing that i hate. It resembled real watermelon, only in a different texture. It was oh so good, especially in a hot summer night!

Even after we finish the slushy ice, there were still much flesh in the base and I could not stop scoping it out to eat, as they were really sweet too - treat it as part of the dessert which combines two dimensions of the fruit into one :)

As for my beloved apple crumble it was actually pretty nice as well. As I have said there are several criterias for a good apple crumble:
1.the crumble has to be crunchy and buttery enough;
2. the apple has to be cooked until its really tender;
3. there should be sufficient cinneamon;
4.the filling should not be too sweet but nicely textured, best with some sorta crunchy stuff or raisins.

This one was good enough. I really like how the crumbles were nicely rubbed, big enough in size and very, very crunchy as it was freshly baked. The apple filling was a little disappointing however as it was really watery. Too much 'sauce' for a proper filling I think, but I later learnt that we could request for something less wet - it would then be much better and the sweetness could be more concentrated instead of diluted like how it was when i tried. The bits of apples were also unevenly cubbed, some were really big and some were tiny - some consistency should have been better attained to.
The apple crumble also came with some slices of really nicely caramelized bananas, which tasted and textured in a similar way to the surface of creme brulee. It was delicious! Even the scope of ice-cream was nice too as It was obvious that it was no cheap frill - not from dairy farm, that's my guess. :P

All in all, I enjoyed the slushy watermelon ice really a lot. (actually i revisited two weeks later. :P) The apple crumble was also nice despite a little minor problems, which could definitely be improved easily. :)

The desserts were not exactly cheap but they were definitely worth the money. :)Do come for an unique dessert-dining experience in the hot summer night when you pass by next time. :)

常嚐甜品 Sweety Garden
G/F, Delite Mansion, 3 Granville Circuit, Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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