Thursday, June 09, 2011

Cafe O-kay - Cafe O

I usually avoid going to the Cafe O along Caine Road for a good reason, but since it is one of the only two cafes open for breakfast along Caine Road (the other being Starbucks), I was left with no choice the other morning but to eat there.
After placing order at the counter we walked upstairs and sat at the table with an amazing aerial view of the water bar, so we could watch the servers made the juice, smoothies and of course, our coffee.

The second floor of the cafe had a disturbing reddish lighting and the temperature was not very consistent. There was also a stale smell from the sofas too, and the tables felt unclean. Luckily it was quite quiet as it was early in the morning.

We ordered two flat whites, a banana slice cake and a granola bar, my second favourite breakfast food after the breakfast trifle.

Minutes later the servers gave us our breakfast. I was quite disappointed by the flat white tho, as the frothed (or foamed?) milk was really very, very thin and weak. The coffee was too sour and the texture was watery. It was awful and I struggled to finish it only for the sake of staying awake in the afternoon.

My granola bar was quite huge in portion, perfect for brunch if you plan not to have any food in the afternoon. It was eaten cold but was not crumble to touch, and the flakes of granola, muesli, fruits and nuts still stuck very well to each other. It tasted sweet but not over-sweetened, and I liked how the texture and flavour were rich and varied. There were flakes of shredded coconuts that gave the granola bar a mushy and chewy texture above everything - lovely!

The banana loaf slice tasted authentically banana-ish but it was really stomach-filling - not a bad brunch food if you have a small appetite and plan not to have lunch.

Not a bad place to have a leisure brunch or lunch, but you have to be careful with what you order - ALWAYS order the pizzas or pockets as they will be freshly prepared only when you order, while the salads and pastas and cakes are always mixed and cooked in advance, only reheated in the microwave.

Cafe O
G/F, 61 Caine Road, Mid-Levels

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