Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My Nature Valley Cereal Bar Diet

Have you ever tried eating only cereals for days, weeks, or even months?

I have.

It was during my super-tough preparation period for the public exam, it was so cold outside, I stayed home all day long, revised, and how could one possibly have an appetite after reading the books and notes over and over again? But we have to eat to pump our body some energy anyway, or we risk malnutrition and fatigue. So I picked the Oat's n Honey cereal bar from Nature Valley, and ate one for breakfast and lunch almost everyday. For dinner i hardly ate anything at all.

And below quoted a blog entry I wrote sometime ago, like last year or last last year. I developed the habit of storing some of these starchy, energy-giving snacks bars at home, and i eat them as meal substitutes when I feel not hungry. They are also perfect quick bites on the go, best sneak-eat during lectures and tutorials.

Now that the urge for studying really hard is back, I am buying this huge bulk pack of Oats 'N Honey bars to motivate myself to stick my ass on the chair, read, study, and stay focused, just like how i used to be during the darkest months in my life so far.


My daily drink, my source of energy. This Nescafe Extra Rich Coffee is really good in taste and really effective in waking you up. I used to buy several packs at one time and store them up-a nice drink in the morning!

Nutrition information:
90 kcal/250 ml

Then comes my second best friend - Oat's N Honey from Nature Valley. Having been eating this since I was in form 4, this is for sure my all-time favourite. It tastes a little sweet because of the honey but is also extremely wheaty in texture. A great breakfast with a cup of coffee, or a lunch by itself; easy to eat on-the-go, or wash it down with a cup of quality coffee after breaking it into pieces for easier and less messy eating. 10/10.

Nutrition information:
190 kcal/2 bars

A recent new product - Oats 'n Dark Chocolate. This tastes much like its green friend but has a nice cocoa twist in the end. Also a great breakfast or lunch, but beware of the slightly higher sugar content because of the dark chocolate. I eat this when i feel down-chocolate is always the best anti-depression medicine!
It's more expensive tho, having only 6-bar package for around 32 dollars.

Nutrition information:
190 kcal/2 bars
I bought a huge box of Nutri-Grain from gateway and it turned out to be quite disappointing..and I find myself attached to Nature Valley more than ever! Anyways, it is quite unfair to say so 'cus Nutri-Grain tastes great too. It's just that I am more accustomed to the wheaty and crunchy texture instead of softness and sweetness. Still, a great meal on its own, but its serving size is smaller so you might want to eat it with something else.

I personally like apple cinnamon best as I love apple pies and crumbles.

Nutrition information:
130 kcal/1 bar
Strawberry flavour is a bit too sweet and artificial to me.

Nutrition information:
130 kcal/1 bar
Wohoo - the newest member of my collection: chewy trail mix from Nature Valley! I bought in bulk (30 bars) from Gateway, knowing that I would be able to consume them ALL. Smaller and softer than the granola bars, it has a really comforting texture and sweetness of dried fruits and nuts - and it has been my breakfast for 3 consecutive days!!! I am definitely bringing them to India with me!!!

Nutrition value:
140 kcal/1 bar

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