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Lunch at Angel's Share Whisky Bar & Restaurant - a groupon experience

I bought a groupon at Valuup a month ago for a discounted lunch at Angel's Share, Central - and since then had been tracking its lunch menu on its Facebook page (rotated on a weekly basis) until the choice of lamb chop and tenderloin came up, at last. Determined to utilize the discount (and fear for a sudden closure/suffering due to some irresponsible Groupon companies) as soon as possible, we quickly booked a table in advance (as required) and ate on a Friday.

Angel's Share is actually one floor above Jashan, an Indian restaurant i really like, serving authentic and extremely tasty Indian cuisine and a mega-lunch buffet at $98. I didn't pay much attention to the quiet bar-and-restaurant during my last Indian lunch and I knew more about it only after reading some media coverings, mostly focusing on its impressive collection of and dedication to whiskey, much less on its food. It was thus quite a bet on the quality of food (and the true value of the bargain), to be honest.

Upon arrival at the dimly lit (and cool) bar-cum-restaurant, a friendly waitress greeted us and brought us to our table, a nice,decent rectangular table by the window which is meant to be used for some serious eating (instead of drinking and lounging). The coupon I bought ($128 for two set lunches) allows us to upgrade to the $148 main dish by paying an extra of $20. Since the $98 choice of pasta did not sound tasty (octopus..uh), and we were interested in both the lamb and the beef, we paid $20 in extra. The soup of the day was the pumpkin soup - perfectly my cup of tea - and we both had that instead of the Avocado Tortilla Salad.

Sesame and poppyseed bun with herb butter

The wait was brief before the bread arrived, luckily warmed. The sesame and poppyseed bun looked delicious and smell great. The crust was a little tougher and it required a little wrestling to tear the bun open, but the interior had a dense but soft texture, which i really like - i am not really fond of the xtra-soft milk buns or whatsoever. The butter with herbs which came with the bread was chilled for too long and could not be spread on the bread, but as time lapsed it melted and could assimilate into the bread perfectly, giving it an additional buttery, lightly salted aroma on top of its wheaty taste.

Pumpkin soup

Our pumpkin soup were served in a shallow bowl and smelt great. The final touch of olive oil gave the soup a shiny appearance. It felt thick upon stirred, albeit not creamy. Suspected to be made of simply pumpkin puree without adding in cream, the soup tasted nice and sweet. The consistency was nice and i drank the soup while dipping the sesame bun into the soup. The two went extremely well together - yummmm! The soup was also huge in portion and I could only manage to finish 3/4 of the bowl. It was a pity really for the soup was really nice, but I could not risk bursting my stomach at such an early stage, for the main course and desserts had yet come.

Mixed Herbs Crusted US Tenderloin w/ Sherry gravy

Mixed Herbs Crusted US Tenderloin w/ Sherry gravy - this was my pick, but mum and I basically exchanged the meat to have a taste of both. It did not look medium rare to me tho. It was quite tender to cut, juicy, and yet bland and flavourful at the same time - flavoured as the meat was coated with a thin layer of strong herbs, and bland as the meat itself did not have much taste in it. Strangely it did not even taste like beef - I would be convinced if you told me it was veal, or pork, albeit badly cooked to wash away the distinctive aroma of porkchops. It was just a piece of - meat, unidentifiable. The sherry gravy was also ambiguous and tasted just like any gravy to me. The vegetables were nicely toasted, and I could not stop forking the roasted half new potatoes into my mouth.

NZ Grilled Lamb Chops w/ grand marnier sauce

NZ Grilled Lamb Chops w/ grand marnier sauce - another reason why we were here on that day. We were served with three rib-ful of lamb and it was, too, overcooked (unless i was colourblind and could not tell brown from pink!) despite being tender to cut. Similar to the beef it tasted bland. As a matter of fact I could not distinguish the lamb from the beef. Could it be consider as a total failure of the dish?

Coffee Mousse Cake

The dessert of that day was coffee mousse cake. I was slightly disappointed as I am not really into coffee-flavoured desserts and mousse cakes. The slices of cake served did not look great either, with the big pores in the mousse (which might mean not-so-smooth mousse). However it turned out to be surprisingly tasty-the mousse was quite heavy(which i like) genuinely resembled coffee, and it tasted (wickedly) like tiramisu to me. I didnt expect that! The alternative layers of mousse and sponge cake was well-balanced and, all in all, tasted marvelous. Shoving the whole thing in (which was not very me, now wheres that sense of guiltiness for eating too much?), I even wanted more of the cake!!!

Skimmed Latte

A drink was included in the lunch set and we could have either tea or coffee. I asked what coffee I could have, and they said latte and cappuccino were also fine. So I had a skimmed latte and mum ordered a plain coffee. It was the second biggest disappointment of the meal as the milk foam was extremely thin and watery. The coffee tasted bland as if it had been diluted. I could do a better job than they did with my crappy espresso machine at home, and I left 3/4 of the cup unattended. Yet to be fair, AS is a bar and not a coffee shop afterall, and we should not be expecting too much from the bar, not being specialized in making caffeine but liquor.

A $20 note was sufficient to settle our bill, in addition to the $128 already paid while buying the groupon. Was it worth it? Hm...I'd say yes. The meal costed only $74 per head and you wont probably find meals of comparable quality (with similar services, decor etc) anywhere else in Central. But if i were to pay the full fare for the meal I'd say it is overpriced. The main dishes we had could not convince me to pay, say, $100. The soup and the dessert were fine but i wont come back just for these 2 courses.

In short - won't come back for lunch, but there's a possibility for a revisit for a drink. The wine list is seriously impressive.

Angel’s Share
2/F, Amber Lodge
23 Hollywood Road
Central, Hong Kong

T: 852 2805 8388
F: 852 2805 2866
info @

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 12:00pm to 2am
Sunday Closed
Angel's Share on Openrice

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