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OMGAGA'D - Ms B's Cakery

Never do I possess a sweet tooth and I ain't a big fan for cakes and desserts. Seriously, if you see me ordering a slice from a cafe, something bad is bound to have happened. The only occasion when I do disassociate sugar with negative emotions is during birthday or festive celebrations when there's a crowd to share the cake with. It's no longer the cake but slices of pure happiness that's being shared and enjoyed.

& so lucky I am to have enjoyed some of the most wonderful birthday cakes with my family and friends, both from one of the top-notch bakery in town.

Ms B's Cakery along Gough Street is almost like the Jimmy Choos or Hermes of the bakery scene. Expensive but stylish, I cannot recall how many times I have logged into the website just to eye on the array of beautiful cakes, but one thing I remember so well is that the black and white Ebony & Ivory was the very first cake I cast my eye on. The perfect yin-yang coloured black sesame and white coconut butter cake are cut into squared stripes and arranged alternatively to produce a checker pattern. The precision and skill demanded is so high that the extravagant cost of the cake ($580/500g) suddenly becomes reasonable.

You could imagine how surprised I was when I saw the cake being brought out after my birthday meal last year. The cake looked exactly like the picture, very stiff in texture thanks to the high-quality cream and handicraft involved in holding the loose parts together. I don't usually like cream cakes but for the Ms B's for the cream is never too watery nor too fishy to taste and you could taste the quality and $$ in it. The buttery cake was dense but not too heavy, and the fluffy and crunchy coconut shreds on the outside added to its texture. of course I enjoyed every bit of the cake, for it was selected by my parent who knew black and white and sesame are three of my favourite things on earth.

You could read the blog post on the Ebony & Ivory here.

More about the MADAME BUTTERFLY for my mum is available here.

This year without my knowing my parent made a secret venture to Gough Street again and there they brought a smaller but equally tasty cake called 'OMG!' home. and i was honestly surprised for the last minute i was working on a hardcore research paper, the next minute they went from the kitchen with this cake in their hands - and of course I love it too.

The OMG! is a new cake of the spring collection 2013 (see how they adopt the jargon from fashion here) and is, ironically, a sugar-free and gluten-free cake to accommodate the special dietary needs of some. These were not the motivation of my parent who thought (mistakenly) it was a sesame cake - but never mind, I like this cake equally if not more than last year's checker mate.

The cake was layered into a chocolate sponge cake (gluten free?), chocolate mousse, chocolate meringue and cocoa nibs. The sponge cake was fluffy with the aroma of the cocoa beans transient throughout, and the sandwiched mixture of meringue and mousse not overpowery rich but very, very aromatic, perfect for the sugar aware  and weight-watching chocolate lovers who aint looking just for a sugar rush but also a gastronomous cocoa venture where the aroma is what they are after. The darling size - perfect for 2, so it says - took us two days and four stomach to finish, but I still think its one of the suitably sized cake for our non-sugary household.

And after the surprising OMG! I was once again GAGA'D by my foodie friends who knew my taste as well as my parent do. After an array of perhaps slightly disappointing dishes at Ngau Kee, just as we were sharing some nibbles of ginger and pineapple a gigantic familiar cake box landed on the table. The moment it was uncovered I knew it was a BE GAGA'D and couldn't stop myself from shouting its name out loud!

The reason for the instant recognition was its signature chocolate spikes in all directions, eye-catching just like Madame Gaga herself in her infamous raw beef suit. This is one of my favourite cakes from MsB mostly because of the colour - the yin yang oxymoron of black and white suits my contradictory personalities best! The cake was nicely decored with oreo chips and a thick, honest cover of Sevva's signature cream on the outset.

On the inset it is basically a Black Forest cake, a cake I don't like because I haven't tasted any great ones by far. But this is truly an exceptional because every layer of it is amazing on its own. The chocolate sponge cake is dense but not too moist and rich, the syruped blueberries drawing a good balance of taste and texture with it.

Even the grape jelly that I used to dump was soo good and rich in the fruitiness of the grape, and the key got to be the thin but crispy and buttery cracker base. The blend of heavy cream, Oreo bits and marshmallows on the outset forms the golden triangle of pure, pure indulgence and happiness. I like every bit of the cake so so much.

And one thing I really appreciate about my friends is how they deal with the cake. We didn't cut it up but for the slice for photographs and we just forked the share we want. Like seriously how often do you see people dividing a $990 cake with forks??? It was a great messy scene to watch, really. And I like watching how my friends enjoy the cake as much as I did, whilst my parents hardly share any of my festive sweet tooth. They just couldn't stand the slightest trace of sugar on their plate.

I am thankful for having parents and friends who know and love me so well. It's not just the $$ nor the cake that mattered but the effort behind that I appreciated the most. Life might have been harsh on me as this year had been an exceptionally busy and tiring one, but I am lucky and thankful for having them backing me up. In times of bitterness these sweet memories would surely be recalled as a reminder of the bright side of friendship and love, of my barely existing social life, of everything.

Thanks again for everything :)

Ms B's Cakery
39 Gough Street Central, Hong Kong

Dynamic duo of Black Sesame and White Coconut Butter Cake finished with Dusting of Fine Coco Shreds.
500g $580

Layers of Gluten Free Chocolate Cake, smothered in between layers of Chocolate Mousse + Freshly Whipped Cream + Meringue with Cocoa Nibs...ALL SUGAR FREE
Darling size $420

Chocolate chiffon sandwiched with grape jelly & blueberries smothered in fresh cream with coating of Oreo crisps, and adorned with double choc spikes, silver lollie pearls & marshmallows.
500g $920

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